UMD Men Get Hit With First Early Departure: Joey Anderson

The 2018 NCAA champion Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs got hit with their first early departure of the offseason on Sunday when sophomore wing Joey Anderson signed with the New Jersey Devils.

You can read about his three-year contract and what went into that decision here. This was the early signing I think everyone expected considering what Joey accomplished in his two seasons at UMD.

So who is next? I don’t know. Of the guys I’ve touched base with since the season ended, Mikey Anderson, Dylan Samberg and Hunter Shepard have all said they are planning on coming back next season, though as we all learned with Adam Johnson last season, you don’t know until school starts in the fall who is really coming back and who is not. It’s a game of wait and see.

As for who UMD signs to take Joey Anderson’s spot, UMD may not sign anyone, Scott Sandelin said today. The Bulldogs now have seven players to replace on the roster, but only four spots open in the lineup. Six recruits have been signed for next season thus far. That may be plenty considering Koby Bender barely saw the ice last year and he’s a guy the coaches would like to see play more.

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